Pure Energy Technology Installing Heat Pumps in Ireland

Geothermal heat pumps reduce heating costs in Ireland

Benefits Of Heat Pump Installations

Reduce your heating bills now, you can save up to one third of your heating costs with immediate effect by changing from traditional heating systems like oil or gas to a new efficient heat pump.  We supply two types of heat pumps, air source heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps.

Consumers seeking an alternative efficient heating system can save valuable time and money by engaging the services of an experienced professional company.  We offer solutions to your heating problems combining ethical business practices with expertise and customer service.

The cost saving of a heat pump over a traditional oil or gas system can be substantial over its life time. Please read our savings page to see how you can reduce your heating bills by anything up to 1 third of what they currently are!

The Advantages of Working With Pure Energy?

We only work with quality German products and have installed more than 200 heat pumps across Ireland. Our systems are based on Dimplex and Grundfos products ensuring the best quality and most efficient heat pump system available in Ireland today.

The fact is that most companies don't supply these quality products and the consumer ends up with an inferior system.

"... The fact is that most companies don't supply these quality products and the consumer ends up with an inferior system.."


If space is at a premium you can decide to install an air heat pump at relatively low cost. Air heat pumps are a low cost installation process because they don’t require ground loops. If space is not an issue you can opt for a ground source heat pump which is powerful enough to even heat your swimming pool.


An Energy Technology company helps consumers with high heating costs to reduce their costs and live in a warmer more comfortable environment. Our Company has a well established base of clients across the country. With over 200 successful installations Pure Energy Technology specializes in converting consumers from traditional heating systems to modern cost effective heat pumps. Prospective clients are invited to learn more by sending an email request to info@pet.ie


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