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Under Floor Heating Control Thermostats

Pure Energy Technology supplies a range of instrumentation and controls to help run modern heating systems efficiently and effectively. Aesthetics, ease of use and functionality are three very important aspects that Pure Energy Technology considers before ever selling a product.

Pure Energy supply digital, programmable, thermostats which will enable you to exercise precise control of the temperature in each zone suit your requirements. Specifically, each thermostat allows up to six time periods and temperature levels to be set-up for weekdays in each zone individually. Four different time periods and temperatures can be set for each zone for Saturdays, and four others for Sundays. Programme once and forget it, even power outages are catered for by the battery back-up. For exceptions there is an up/down override button to immediately alter the programmed temperature, with later automatic resumption of the pre-set program.

Thermostats are available individually or in bulk. Good discount for bulk ordering. Please contact sales for pricing information.

Energy Usage Meter

One of the challenges of having a heat pump to warm your home is working out exactly how much it costs to run. Unlike oil boilers and gas where you get a separate bill for your heating requirements the Heatpump is shared with your other electrical appliances. For this reason Pure Energy has sourced an energy meter specially programmed for the Irish market to help the consumer work out exactly what their Heatpump is costing to run. This device is not unit specific and we can supply to any person who owns a Heatpump, what ever the model. Please contact sales for pricing.