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Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium radiators are particularly well suited for use with Heat pumps (Geothermal or Air), which operate most economically at output water temperatures typically between 35oC and 45oC. The multiple layers of fins incorporated into the design of aluminium radiators provide a much larger heat exchange area between the radiator and the air than is possible with standard steel radiators. As a result aluminium radiators transfer much larger amounts of heat at 35oC to 45oC than standard radiators would if operated in that temperature range.

Aluminium radiators are made up of modular elements. The special aluminium alloy used is delivered straight from the refinery as castings and carefully inspected following the quality control procedure. The castings then undergo a series of automatic processes: sandblasting of single elements, welding of the bases of the water chambers, threading, spot facing and assembly of the radiators in series.

All the radiators are tested at 9 bar, one and a half times the maximum rated operating pressure of 6 bar. Then come various painting operations including chemical and physical pre-treatment followed by two final coats. A first coat is applied by antiphresis followed by another coat of epoxy resin applied electrostatically to give the radiator its final appearance.


Aluminium radiators feature the following:

  • Sturdiness and durability plus greatly reduced weight and overall dimensions
  • High thermal power. Aluminium is an excellent heat conductor with low thermal inertia, which means it heats up quickly and saves energy.
  • Optimal comfort thanks to heat emission by a combination or radiation and convection.
  • Attractive style combining the elegance of the panel radiator and the versatility of a radiator with elements that are easy to assemble by means of a system of nipples.
  • Impeccable integral finish reducing maintenance and cleaning to a minimum.
  • Full range of sizes and capacities to meet the needs of all heating system in terms of design, installation and running.


  • They are available in width of 2 panels to 14 panels.
  • Each panel is 80 mm wide and 100 mm deep.
  • The overall height of the radiators is 577 mm. (e.g. A 10 panel radiator is 800 mm wide, 577 mm High and 100 mm deep.)
  • Full dimensions will be provided at the appropriate time for your builder.
  • These are available supply-only as it is usually much more cost-effective to have the on-site plumber fit these. The fitting is largely similar to standard radiators.